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Free Consultation

This is the start of the whole process, where you will be given a lifestyle questionnaire form to complete - asking various questions involving your details and medical history.

During this consultation we will also discuss and set short/long term goals depending on what you are looking to achieve, and put the frame work of a plan together that is suited to your needs. Contact me now to book a free consultation.

Training in a State-of-the-art gym

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During your personal training sessions, we have the option of training at Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City, at no additional cost to your session.

Gosling Sports Park is a top 100 state-of-the-art Health & Fitness Suite which features many state-of-the art features, including all the equipment you would expect to find at a gym. What you will gain from having me there, is a true expert in the field of training. If you have ever walked past a particular machine and thought "what does this do?" I can show you exactly what it does, how to use it and if you even need to use it at all!

Training outdoors

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If the confines or a gym, or even your own home do not appeal to you, and you want space to really pick up some speed, or simply want some fresh air - I have all the equipment we'll need to train in the great outdoors. This can either be at Gosling Sports Park, or in your own space.

Training in your own home

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For many people, the idea of a gym can be daunting, and I find this is a reason why some people choose a personal trainer. If you want to train in the comfort of your own home, even just until you feel more confident, I am able to bring all the equipment required to your home, at no additional cost

Groups and couples training

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For those of you who prefer to train with a partner or a friend, my training strategy can incorporate group training. Not only can this make the sessions more fun and motivational for you, but it can also make it cheaper too!